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We currently offer training for vehicle immobilisation as this is our industry which we have worked in since 1989, to date we have trained over 20 parking enforcement companies, in the future we will also be offering security operations.

Edexcel are working with the (SIA) as an endorsed awarding body offering a range of qualifications in support of licensing the security industry. For further information please visit there web site

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We can normally accommodate up to 14 candidates for one course

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Vehicle Immobilising/ Licences/ who needs one

The directors, mangers, supervisors and operatives which provide vehicle immobilising.

The employer and his employees (including directors or partners engaged in- house or under contract vehicle immobilising or towing away services– all will need individual licences.

The staff of a supermarket chain who immobilise or tow away the cars of shoppers who overstay their welcome in the chain’s car parks.

Those permitting vehicle immobilising or towing from their land to would include for example, private land owners who do not get in licensed contractors but do their own immobilising or towing and charge a fee. Volunteers, for example, a person helping a vehicle immobilise to place a wheel clamp on a car will need a licence.

What happens if you operate with out a licence?

Summary conviction at a magistrate’s court– the maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and or a fine of up to £5,000, or trial on indictment at the crown court, whereby an unlimited fine and/or five years imprisonment could be imposed.

For further information on vehicle immobilising and licences please have a read of the Security Industry Authority web site


Vehicle Immobilising

Core competency training is delivered in two parts as follows:

Part One – Knowledge based training and Assessment (21hours)

Part Two – Practical, Scenario based training and Assessment (14 hours)

These sessions will be delivered over 5 days with an average course day of 7 hours.

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